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Shelter Fundamentals Training for Red Cross CERT and Community Organization Partners 

Step 1.
Red Cross Community Organization Partner Registration 

Complete registration process at https://tinyurl.com/Community-Partner-Entry-Point 

Please note: In cooperation with community organization partners such as CERT, the Red Cross has established this Partner Portal to support building OC’s capacity for sheltering in a disaster response. Its benefits include access to online and instructor-led training, and provision and retention of training certifications. 

We appreciate your patience as this step may take several days to complete this process depending on the day you register. 

Next Steps
Shelter Associate Training Requirements 

  • Disaster Cycle Services: An Overview – 1 hour *
  • Concept of Operations Basics – 28 minutes *
  • Mass Care: An Overview – 10 minutes *
  • Psychological First Aid – 90 minutes
  • Everyone is Welcome – 1 hour *
  • Basic Food Safety – 1 hour *
  • Shelter Fundamentals – See Instructor-Led Training (ILT) below
  • Strongly Suggested: Feeding Fundamentals v2– 1 hour
    *Online prerequisite courses which must be completed 1 week prior to ILT below
    To register for this Instructor-Led training course (see instructions next page)

• Shelter Fundamentals and Shelter Operations Simulation – 8 hours 


Access EDGE online Learning Management System from your Volunteer 


Connection Home Page to complete the following online courses. (See Instructions 


below and Tip Sheet): 



Note: It takes 24-48 hours after completing your Partner Registration to gain access to EDGE.
Use Chrome browser and disable “popup blockers.”
Instructor-Led courses are not scheduled on EDGE. Please see below for registration 

  • 􏰀  Sign into your account at volunteerconnection.redcross.org;
  • 􏰀  Click on "CONNECT TO EDGE" (top right of screen)
  • 􏰀  Login to EDGE (same Logon user/password as your Volunteer Connection account)
  • 􏰀  Click on "BROWSE FOR TRAINING" (icon on the right side of screen)
  • 􏰀  In the left column, click on "DISASTER CYCLE SERVICES" under "SUBJECTS"
  • 􏰀  In the SEARCH field, (upper right of screen) type in the name of course, Enter
  • 􏰀  Select desired course, Click "REQUEST"
  • 􏰀  INDICATES WEB/ONLINE CLASS – Select course and Click “LAUNCH”
  • 􏰀  Only use for Virtual Instructor-Led Course WEBINARS (VILT)
    On your Volunteer Connection Home Page, Click on the My Shifts tab and select Training Schedule for DTS. Search the calendar and Click on the course you desire. On the next page that appears Click on Sign Up. If you need to cancel, follow the same path but Click on Cancel Reservation.
    EDGE Learning Management System TIPS:
    • EDGE is optimized for access via Chrome.
    • Disable “popup blockers.”
    • Enable Flash (see Job Aid).
    • If you are in EDGE but not able to advance the slides, this is because when this course launches, it is “zoomed in”. To fix it this, click “Ctrl and -” or “Ctrl along with scrolling the wheel down” to minimize the content in the window. From there, you should see the navigation buttons at the bottom of the screen. This will allow you to view every slide in the course, which will allow you to complete it. To return the screen to its regular size, click “Ctrl & +” or “Ctrl & mouse scroll wheel up”.
      Please see accompanying job aids for additional info.