Frequently Asked Questions

Q: If I take the CERT basic class, am I required to become part of the CERT program?

A: No. You can take the class and use the information you get to prepare yourself. You do not have to become part of the CERT program just because you take the class.

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Q: Do I have to live in Costa Mesa to take the CERT course?

A: No. Residency is not required for participation.

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Q: Is there a fee to take the CERT course?

A: There is no fee to attend the course.

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Q: Do I need to complete all the classes in order to receive a certificate?

A: Yes, all course modules must be completed to receive a certificate of completion. You have one year from the date you start to complete the course modules.

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Q: Is the Costa Mesa program based on the FEMA model of the Community Emergency Response Team?

A: Yes, the Costa Mesa CERT program covers all modules and is recognized as a Citizen Corp CERT program with FEMA.

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Q: I started CERT in another city and missed a class. Can I make-up the class with Costa Mesa CERT?

A: Yes. You can complete a missed class or classes based on the Costa Mesa course schedule. If you are completing the program for another city or agency, seek the approval of your local CERT coordinator for their specific documentation requirements.